Submission deadline: February 7, 2024
ASBBS will publish Abstracts or complete papers in the Conference Proceedings. Send your paper or abstract  to

Note: Publication of Abstracts or complete paper in the Proceedings is not a requirement for conference presentation. Please contact Conference Chair if you do not wish to publish your abstract or complete paper.

Margins should be set to Word’s default (1″ top and bottom; 1.25″ left and right). DO NOT paginate the document. Paper must be single-spaced with all Tables, charts and equations at the proper location of the paper. Do not use foot notes or any system-generated notes. Start your paper with a title in the following format


Your name(s) and affiliations should appear below the title in the following format:

Kemp, Robert S.
University of Virginia

Kehoe, William J.
University of Virginia

Your paper begins here (two spaces below the email address of the last author) with an abstract not to exceed 250 words. The abstract is italicized:


These guidelines detail the requirements for manuscript preparation for inclusion in the Proceedings and all ASBBS journals either as abstracts or as a complete paper published by the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (ASBBS). Note all fonts and their sizes in these guidelines as they appear in respective places.
These guidelines have been prepared in accordance with the publication needs of the ASBBS. The title should be centered, bolded and capitalized. Names and affiliations should be centered and bolded. All headings should be left justified, bolded and capitalized. Authors should put their last name first, and first name last, with their affiliations under their name. Include e-mail addresses to facilitate contact by readers. The body of the manuscript should be single-spaced and fully justified. DO NOT use footnotes. Endnotes are acceptable.

The manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman, font 11. The title should be set to 18 point and authors’ names and affiliations 14 point, heading 3. DO NOT use hard returns while typing in the title. Double space around headings. DO NOT USE subheadings. DO NOT skip lines between headings and texts. Allow two spaces between paragraphs. All tables and graphics should be done in Word and incorporated into the body of the document in their proper places. DO NOT use headers or footers. Be sure to SPELL CHECK the manuscript. Editors do not assume any responsibility for spelling and typographical errors.

Papers submitted to the Proceedings may not exceed 15 pages. Editors reserve the right NOT to publish your paper if it exceeds 15 pages. Contact the editor if for any reason your formatted paper must exceed 15 pages.

All papers must have a “Reference” section at the end. Since ASBBS is an interdisciplinary professional organization, any single referencing style may not be appropriate to all disciplines. In order to maintain uniformity, we suggest the following style.


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Kehoe, William J. and Linda K. Whitten (2000). “Business in Optimal Currency Areas: Concept, Example, Implications.” Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 7, Number 4, 85-93.