The eJournal and all three refereed journals are listed in Cabell’s Directory of Publishing. All papers submitted to ASBBS-sponsored journals are reviewed within 3 to 6 months and authors are notified of the reviews. Journals are published as electronic publications as well as in hard copies with different ISSN issued by the Library of Congress.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Papers for review are accepted as electronic submission only.
  • Send your paper as MS Word attachment to:
  • Two files are required for review. In one file, include the title of the paper and complete information of all authors identifying the contact author. In the second file, submit your paper in double space. Start the paper with a title followed by an abstract not to exceed 300 words. Do not include the author’s name or affiliation with the paper for review. We prefer that your paper not exceed 25 double-spaced pages including the reference section and appendices, if any.
  • A page fee is required for the publication of all accepted papers. Unless specified otherwise, the Editor-in-Chief will decide the appropriate journal for the publication of your paper.