American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences


The American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (ASBBS) was founded in 1994 as an interdisciplinary professional organization. The mission of ASBBS is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas among faculty members in Business and Behavioral science disciplines. ASBBS fulfills this mission through holding annual meetings, publishing the edited Proceedings of the meetings and publishing the following refereed journals:

  • Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences
  • Journal of Business and Accounting
  • Journal of Business and Educational Leadership
  • ASBBS eJournal

The annual national meetings of ASBBS are usually held in Las Vegas in the month of February. The annual international meetings are held in the summer mostly in European cities. For further information, contact: Dr. Wali I. Mondal, Professor, School of Business and Management, National University; Founder-President and Conference Chair of ASBBS at