March 5-7, 2021

The 28th Annual Conference of the ASBBS will be held virtually during March 5-7, 2021. The Theme of the Conference will be “The Impact of Coronavirus on Higher Education”. However, papers will be accepted on all areas of Business and Behavioral Sciences. Like previous years, ASBBS will publish the Edited Proceedings. All Papers will be reviewed and authors of accepted papers will be notified within a week after submission of the papers. The deadline for submission of papers is February 15, 2021.

The Registration Fee for attending the conference is $200.00 per paper.  Presentation of papers is not required to attend the conference; you may choose to register as an observer or as a Session Chair only. Login information will be provided to the participants upon registration.


Please download the Registration Form Virtual_Conference.doc
Students not receiving funding from their universities/colleges may contact the Conference Chair at for discounted registration fee @$150.00 per paper (option 2 for online registration). The Registration Form is required for author(s) and University/College affiliation(s).

To register Online, go to drop down menu of “Registration Fee Schedule/PayPal” After completing Registration, return the Registration Form to the Conference Chair. Do not provide credit card information on the Registration Form if you register online.

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Registration Fee Schedule/Paypal

If you cannot register online, please send your credit card information or personal/university check to ASBBS (address on the Registration Form) either by email or postal service.

Conference Proceedings and Refereed Journals: Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to publish their papers in the ASBBS 28th Annual Conference Proceedings. The deadline for submission to the Virtual Conference Proceedings is February 15, 2021. All conference papers will also be considered for publication in one of the four Cabell-listed refereed Journals published by ASBBS.

Guidelines for Conference Proceedings

Guidelines for Conference Proceedings — guideline

Form Your Own Session: Authors are encouraged to form Thematic Sessions on any topic relevant to Business and Behavioral Sciences, or in the general areas of Arts and Sciences. Ideally, a Session should consist of four or five papers. The organizer of a Thematic Session will be designated as the Session Chair and his/her Registration Fee will be waived.

To submit a proposal, send a paper or an abstract of a paper with at least 300 words to the Conference Chair or to the program Chair. All papers and abstracts will be reviewed and authors will be informed of the review decision within one week of submission. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Conference Chair
Wali I. Mondal
Professor, College of Professional Studies
National University
11255 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037-1011
Tel +1 909-648-2120

Program Chair
Ryan N. Schmidt
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Healthcare Management and Leadership
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Proceedings Editor
Pani Chakrapani
Professor, Math/Computer Science Department
University of Redlands